NZ Computing Services for Individuals

NZ Computing Technology Solutions provides a full range of IT and Computing Services to both organisations and individuals in the Auckland region. A selection of our services are listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about any of the services we provide.

NZ Computing Computer Hardware


NZ Computers provides a full range of computer hardware and software to individuals and organisations throughout New Zealand.

Whilst there are a large number of computer products available, we only list and carry items that we have independently researched and tested, so you can rest assured that if you choose NZ Computing, you are choosing quality and reliability.

In addition to a wide range of computer components and peripherals, NZ Computing manufactures our own range of quality NZ Computing desktop computers. Our systems are carefully designed to ensure the absolute maximum of performance and reliability, whilst keeping our pricing at a reasonable level. One of the advantage of dealing with computer experts rather than salespeople is that many of the technologies found in NZ Computing systems are simply not present in our competitors products, meaning that our systems can perform at a much higher level than what may appear to be similar systems offered elsewhere.

If you are in Auckland call us and discuss your requirements with our computing experts.

Alternatively, Click Here to browse our products, which may be purchased from anywhere in New Zealand through our online store. And don't think that just because we are online you wont receive the level of service NZ Computing has become famous for - we provide full email support for all of our products.

NZ Computing Troubleshooting and Support


Having problems with your computer? Don't despair!

The NZ Computing Solutions Centre provides full Troubleshooting and repair services for individuals and organisations in the Auckland area. Additionally, many people in other parts of New Zealand choose to courier their computers to us, knowing that they will receive fast, efficient, professional service from our team of experienced technicians.


Whether your computer appears to have completely died, has slowed to a crawl, or is in need of an upgrade, NZ Computing experienced technicians have the answer, and it wont cost a fortune.

We can also provide assistance at your place.Give us a call and we'll arrange a technician to visit you onsite at your home or workplace.